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Seva is a Sanskrit word that describes selfless service: the act of giving without any expectations of receiving.


Although altruistic action leads to benefit and gain for the collective, it is performed without expecting personal reward or gain.

Meals of Hope

Meals of Hope gathers together people to prep, cook, package and deliver delicious and healthy meals to their partners that serve those who are food insecure. They make 300-500 meals each week.


Located in Burlington, ON, this amazing community group operates solely with the generous support of volunteers and donations.  

Feeling called to offer seva?


Join me for our next Meals of Hope Seva Soul Session on Friday, March 29 ~  6:00pm - 9:15pm for another wonderful evening of community, service, and yoga.


Can't make the date but would love to get involved? Weekly volunteer opportunities are available. Please reach out and I can connect you with the wonderful humans who run this program.

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Moose Hide Campaign

"The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence towards women and children. Wearing the moose hide pin signifies your commitment to honour, respect and protect the women and children in your life and speak out against gender-based and domestic violence." (Moose Hide Campaign)

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