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Each offering is thoughtfully created and shared from my heart. My intention is to support your journey of self-inquiry, rest, yoga nidra, and meditation with mindful offerings that are rooted in tradition and inspired by modern day living.


I am committed to accessibility and cultivating diversity in my offerings.
If you would like to request a discounted rate, please email to discuss.

what people say...


Natalie's dedicated teachings of the mind-body-spirit connection during her Yin and Nidra classes not only helped with my physical recovery but have transformed my practice on a mental level as well.

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Natalie's classes, retreats, workshops and courses allow and encourage me to curate go to practices for my own health, development, and growth as a teacher. 


I like to think of Natalie as a best kept secret in my community, but the truth is, she’s not really a secret. Those who go to her class, know.

 I walk out of her class feeling out-of-this world and more into-my-world in ways I cannot describe with words.

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