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return home to your essential nature

you deserve to be well-rested, peaceful, and at ease


Hello! my name is Natalie (she/her), I'm a shy and sensitive soul who has been guided by forces greater than myself onto this path.

Are you feeling the gentle pull to explore your human experience with a calmer, slower approach? Or, perhaps feeling called to view life through a different lens and discover what is possible when you truly embrace the sentiment of "less is more."?

Existing during this time can be stressful, exhausting, rushed, overwhelming, and challenging. And while it's unlikely this will change in our lifetimes, we each hold the power to create a shift in our own personal ecosystem. 

The first step is to pause and rest.


Here's a condensed version of why I am passionate about sharing the healing and transformative potential of yoga nidra...

After years of being stuck in grind culture, equating my worth with how much I could achieve or complete, priding myself on 100-hour-plus workweeks – I felt something wasn't right. 

Staying busy worked wonderfully as a coping mechanism, so it took many signs telling me to slow down before I listened. My health was strained, my personal relationships were failing, my relationship with alcohol was unhealthy, and bouts of anxiety and depression were intense and frequent -- I  was unhappy. I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me. 

Cue Yoga!

Yoga opened the doorway for me to see the world differently and to begin the journey back to myself. I left my career and followed my curiosity to the path of yoga.


My first yoga nidra experience was a "love at first sight" scenario! It was the first time I remember feeling so at ease in my body, mind, and soul. Although the relationship, like any, ebbs and flows, and life continues to present challenges, my ongoing relationship with yoga nidra allows me to navigate life with a little more grace and ease.

In particular, meditation and yoga nidra uncovered unhelpful patterns and gave me the energy and courage to make meaningful shifts in my life. To this day (along with therapy), my relationship with meditation and practices of deep rest continue to positively support my human experience.

Yoga Nidra Immersion
More about the immersion experience

This immersion culminates my studies and embodied experiences with yoga nidra and other complementary modalities such as meditation, restorative and yin yoga.


Additionally, the experience is supported by wonderfully wise guest speakers who are also passionate about this work.

Part one:

During the first six months, we gather for one weekend per month (excluding march) to dive deep into practice and traverse the syllabus, which includes opportunities to look at the intellectual, practical, and spiritual aspects of yoga nidra. We will explore a wide range of topics, from how relaxation influences the nervous system and how trauma can impact our ability to rest to developing an awareness of the subtle bodies and states of consciousness. Online and self-guided activities to support integration will be offered in between monthly gatherings along with a 28-day practice. Opportunities to practice guiding are available in the later stages of part one. 

Part two:

The second part of the immersion continues the exploration of practice and integration into daily life through self-study, monthly mentor sessions and 1:1 sessions via Zoom. For those feeling ready to share, the opportunity to practice guiding embodied experiences as part of the mentorship project typically occurs during this time.

The program is intentionally spread over a twelve month period so that as you navigate your unique journey you continue to be supported.

A unique approach

Over the years, I have had the privilege to study with some truly amazing teachers who shared their wisdom and perspectives of yoga nidra inspired by their lineage or schools and unique experiences. 


After many yoga trainings and currently working towards a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, what I can offer is that this immersion is unlike most training experiences and definitely contrasts the more masculine approach to learning within academia. 

A gentle experiential approach to learning

The immersion has been created to offer a uniquely intimate environment that allows everyone to feel supported and encourages each person to contribute their wisdom as we nurture a relationship with yoga nidra -- the ultimate teacher. 

Yoga nidra, among other things, can be explored as a practice, a goddess, and a state of consciousness; earnestly developing a relationship with yoga nidra will influence how you view the world you live in, your connection to Self and others and as such, can't be taught in a rushed or linear way. 

This unique mix requires a unique approach that weaves together theory, practice, self-study and an environment that is responsive to individual and group needs.

Still curious? keep scrolling to learn more!

“A positive life changing experience for me!  I have a deeper understanding of the science and spiritual aspects behind the practices. Natalie was so supportive through every step, sharing her deep understanding and teachings in a nourishing way. The sessions slowly build onto each other with the perfect thought provoking discussions, knowledge, journalling, self reflection, and practices. I am renewed and inspired in my life and am so happy I did this immersion”

— Elena, Immersion participant


"Whether you are a yoga teacher, or not, this immersion is life changing. It is challenging to put into words how it has changed my life, but it has helped me heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Natalie is absolutely incredible. If you are looking to go deeper in your Yoga Nidra practice, or to go deeper to know yourself more fully,  this is the immersion for you. You won't regret it." 

— Chantal, Immersion participant

Immerse Yourself and...

Learn about:

  • The evolution of Yoga Nidra

    • History of Yoga Nidra

    • Schools of Yoga Nidra: similarities & differences

  • The state and stages of Yoga Nidra

  • Relaxation vs. Yoga Nidra

  • The Koshas (5 subtle bodies)

  • The Benefits of Yoga Nidra from the perspective of western science (Neuroscience of Yoga Nidra)

  • Relaxation and the nervous system

  • Trauma and its role in the experience of Yoga Nidra and relaxation practices


  • A unique and supportive learning environment

  • Pre and post practice activities to enhance your Yoga Nidra experience

  • The benefits of prioritizing rest and relaxation in your life

  • Greater depth in your practice

  • Increased self-awareness, resilience, clarity, and equanimity

  • Rediscovery of your essential nature

  • A deep sense of connection to the beauty of life

  • Clarity around what cultivates a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life

  • Sankalpa Shakti (the power of heartfelt intention)

  • Group work and practice teaching in a supportive environment

Learn how to:

  • Support the body during practice (contraindications and considerations)

  • Guide yourself towards Yoga Nidra

  • Develop your own rest rituals

  • Weave rest and relaxation into daily life

  • Craft your personal Sankalpa (heartfelt intention)

  • Confidently share embodied practices with your community

  • Develop sessions and workshops

  • Hold safe and sacred space for yourself and your community

...and so much more!

Yoga Nidra Immersion
2024 Immersion Details

Live in person sessions (afternoons:12:30pm – 5:30pm)

January 6, 7 | February 3, 4 | April 6, 7 | May 5 | June 1, 2 

Live zoom practices (Wednesday evenings as scheduled)

January | February | March | April | May | June 

Live zoom mentor sessions (1x per month)

March | July | September | October | November | December

Office hours (zoom)
Select Wednesday evenings or as scheduled.



Yogashala Waterdown, 937 Centre Road, Flamborough, ON L8N2Z7

Deepen Your Practice. Share Your Light.

Mentorship Program Requirements

  • Pre-requisite: Completion of a Yoga teacher training program or currently enrolled*
  • Attendance and participation at all sessions (In person/Zoom)

  • Attend 12 additional practices

  • Completion of all assigned self study & required reading

  • Participation in group exercises and practice teaching

  • Successful completion of project

  • Project to be completed within 12 months of program start date

Not a Yoga/meditation teacher but have alternate training or experience that you feel would adequately prepare you to guide yoga nidra? Please contact me at to discuss.

Note: The immersion covers how to embody and share rest practices and Yoga Nidra. If you plan to share these practices with your community, while not required, a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training program is strongly recommended. Many studio settings require a minimum 200HR YTT in order to teach and, a 200HR YTT program will support you and your offerings as they cover topics beyond the reach and scope of this program.


Guest Speakers

These beautiful souls will be supporting our journey through presentations and/or practices.

Guest Speaker - Rachel Saxon (Headshot).jpg

Rachel Saxon

BSc Biochemistry
E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500,YACEP®

Jackie Ang

Dr. Jackie Ang


 Psychotherapist, ERYT® 200

Investment + What's Included

2024 Investment: 
$1,288 + HST if paid in full by December 1st, 2023 | $1488 + HST when paid afterwards or in instalments (as per payment plan). 


Deposit: $108 CDN + HST due at time of acceptance into the program to secure your spot.


Payment details including payment plan, scholarships, and terms and conditions are outlined on the application form.

What's Included

A year long journey to cultivate a deep relationship with rest and yoga nidra.

  • Intimate small group setting – program limited to 12 participants

  • All live group Zoom calls

  • All in-person sessions

  • Online 1:1 + group mentorship sessions

  • Twelve-month access to online resources: Yoga Nidra practice recordings + study materials + downloadable content

  • Six-month unlimited access to Wednesday Yoga Nidra Zoom sessions (12 sessions required for mentorship project)*

  • Ongoing mentorship & supportive community

  • Guidance for self-study and opportunities for integration

  • Certificate upon successful completion of project

Program is eligible for Yoga Alliance CEU's upon successful completion of the program.

*Options to complete the 12 online sessions available -- some at additional cost -- please contact me to discuss. 


I offer immense gratitude to my teachers and to those that came before them for continuing to light this path. Forever illumined by your wisdom, may I contribute to sharing more light in this world.

~ Natalie Workman

Natalie-06 - Journal (50pt)_edited.jpg
Is this Immersion for me?

This immersion was created with yoga/meditation teachers or curious students in mind. This immersion is for you if you are feeling called to: ~ develop a relationship with rest practices ~ deepen your experiences of Yoga Nidra ~ nurture your relationship to Self ~ (re)connect with the part of you that is always at peace ~ rekindle / cultivate a sense of connection with the divine (for me it's nature...for others it could be god, goddess, universe...whatever way you feel a sense of connection to that which is greater than you as an individual) ~ support yourself and your community with rest and connection ~ add valuable tools to your self-care tool kit Through practice, self-study, rest, creative reflection, and time spent in a supportive community, this program will serve as a safe and nurturing container to surrender into as you witness the beauty and transformative powers of Yoga Nidra unfold.

Why is the Immersion program 12 months?

As a student of Yoga Nidra, I found that much of the integration happens well beyond the group learning experience. Part two of this immersion offers guidance and community for those wanting support during the assimilation process.

Will I be ready to teach after the immersion?

Yes. No. Maybe? I don't know?! humbly believe it is not my place to tell you if you are ready to hold space for others. The immersion will provide all the essential tools to become comfortable guiding yourself and others as well as ongoing mentorship to support your journey. ​ Our time together will allow you to learn firsthand how leading a "yoga nidra class" is far more than just reading a script with a lovely voice. Rather, it is the sharing of an embodied experience that will allow you to hold safe and sacred spaces for yourself and others to explore deep rest and yoga nidra practices. To put it another way, imagine you were trying to describe your favourite food to someone without ever tasting it yourself. It would be impossible. The same is true of sharing yoga nidra and rest practices; it is only possible to authentically share these subtle and profound experiences by first embodying them for yourself. Take time to enjoy the deliciousness of the journey...and when the time is right, you will know!

Do I have to attend the group mentorship sessions?

Nope. But I think you will enjoy the sessions. And it will allow you to connect with fellow participants, ask questions, and practice.

I don't plan to guide Yoga Nidra — will the mentorship sessions still be valuable?

Yes. Because the immersion is limited to a small group of participants, each session is customized to the needs of the group. And as a forever student, my experience has been that spending time in community is a beautiful way to learn, share, and grow.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

As a lifetime student, I understand the pull to embark on new learning experiences and deeply appreciate the time and resources each journey takes. If you missed registration for the current immersion feel free to check out weekly opportunities to practice with me onlinestudio sessions at Yogashala Waterdown or retreats, and in-person offerings.


If you have any questions, please contact me via  


I am always happy to chat and offer any insight that might help you decide what your next learning adventure will be!

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